Next-generation stream processing.

dipStream™ delivers unprecedented analytical, trading, and pricing power directly to the acting traders. The system offers risk management, algorithmic trading, market making, pricing, real-time analytics, charting and reporting for multi-asset-class and cross-asset-class instruments.

Applications, consisting of user-defined indicators, rules, and functions, are defined in an easy-to-use graphical diagramming language, rendering the construction of complete financial market applications as simple as drawing a flow-chart.

dipStream highlights

  • empowers business users to rapidly develop complex financial market applications themselves, without support from an IT department
  • perfect for algorithmic trading, option pricing, risk management, portfolio management and real-time analytics
  • simultaneous processing of multiple data streams of different type and frequency for multi-asset-class and cross-asset-class instruments
  • comprehensive extendable library of pre-defined functions for financial analysis, statistics and mathematics
  • expressive graphical development language
  • seamlessly connects to existing backend infrastructure and to the web
  • powerful and customizable dynamic charting and reporting

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