Portfolio Selection

dipBase's central repository allows fund managers to "see the forest and the trees" by showing a global perspective on fund universes as well as providing detailed information about each fund:
  • General aspects (name, labels, ISIN, domicile, base currency, ...)
  • Style (management style, return strategy, ...)
  • Fees (management fee, performance fee, TER, ...)
  • Focus (asset class, themes, risks, benchmarks, ...)
  • Structure (single fund, fund of funds, ...)
  • Ratings (SP Morningstar, Feri, ...)
  • Historical performance data and statistics (NAV, volatility, alpha, beta, ...)

While conventional fund management solutions offer a fixed set of criteria for peer-group and asset selection from fund universes, dipBase™ allows the construction of arbitrary complex, user defined criteria in a matter of minutes. This is realized by an easy-to-use graphical editor that supports a complete set of logical operations ("and", "or", "not") as well as deeply nested queries.

As an example, all European growth funds that are traded in USD or EUR and have an management fee of not more than 0.40% could easily be selected. Even more complex criteria that may rely on standard- and user-defined quantitative analysis functions, can be easily formulated in an innovative graphical diagram language. Funds matching the defined criteria are automatically organized in groups, which may be further analyzed or directly added to a portfolio.

Portfolio selection in dipBase.

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